Hunting Simulator App Reviews

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More animals

Love this game, but Id like to see pronghorn and bobcat in the game, it would give us more variety to hunt.

Horrible game

This game is horrible all you to is shoot at an animal target. This game is a waste of money.... VERY DISAPPOINTED........


Get a free game its 100% better than this. Worst $5 Ive ever spent I think in my life. Absolute garbage people!

Waste of money

Basically, shooting a target over and over. Not a hunting game. Disappointed!!!


Honestly this is the worst app Ive ever seen I will be requesting a refund


Can you add 12 ga and 20 ga shotgun shooting slugs? .50 cal inline muzzleloader?


Save your money!!!

Game is horrible

Waste of money


Game is stupid. What a waste of money.

Nice review app

Nice way to review holdovers for wind and range. Able to set up custom loads for 300WM with little difficulty to match hunting loads. Would like to see future versions allow to name custom load and allow corrections for slope


Waste of money wouldnt recommend it to anyone

Hunting simulator

This game is so fun! It is for someone that likes simulators and likes figuring out problems. Im a 17 year old that had an interest in gun ballistics I did my research and did simple wind and bullet drop formulas. I put them into the game and they worked! It is pretty realistic and now Im trying to understand the different types of scopes. Get this game and just experiment with it and have fun! Enjoy!

Awesome app

Great ballistics and realistic shooting. I agree more calibers, animals and terrain would be great

Great ap

Excellent ap. How about the option to adjust clicks on the scope while in the aiming mode?


I love this app and cant say enough good thing about it. It would be nice if more rifles and optics were available and if there was a setting for real-time after the shot is fired. But I do recommend this app, keep up the good work!

great app

i agree to most if not all of the reviews. but what about rabbits, squirrels, small game fun etc... and 22LRs? cant wait for the add-ons update. great app!

Very accurate.

MAKE IT GO TO 1500 YARDS!!! I am a real long range shooter. This simulator actually simulates bullets perfectly. I use the Ballistic AE app for all my calculations. Using that app I can quickly figure how to hit a moving red fox in high winds on the first shot at 547 yds.

Add animals and bows

I would like them to add some more animals can yall look into that like alot of african animals or others

Need elephants!

This is a fun way to spend a few moments, if I was a hunter I think it would actually be very useful. The writer has done great work on this... The only thing that coulda saintly make it better would be some Veldt and a lion or elephant.... Just saying, lol. Thanks to the developer for creating this cool piece of techno art....

Great app!

Great app! Would love to see beat and elk. Also would love to see comparative lines for each caliber.

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