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Game is stupid. What a waste of money.


Get a free game its 100% better than this. Worst $5 Ive ever spent I think in my life. Absolute garbage people!


Can you add 12 ga and 20 ga shotgun shooting slugs? .50 cal inline muzzleloader?


Save your money!!!

Game is horrible

Waste of money

Nice review app

Nice way to review holdovers for wind and range. Able to set up custom loads for 300WM with little difficulty to match hunting loads. Would like to see future versions allow to name custom load and allow corrections for slope


Waste of money wouldnt recommend it to anyone

Waste of money

Basically, shooting a target over and over. Not a hunting game. Disappointed!!!


Honestly this is the worst app Ive ever seen I will be requesting a refund

More animals

Love this game, but Id like to see pronghorn and bobcat in the game, it would give us more variety to hunt.

Horrible game

This game is horrible all you to is shoot at an animal target. This game is a waste of money.... VERY DISAPPOINTED........

MOA reticule

To be complete, just add a MOA reticule

Hunting simulator

This game is so fun! It is for someone that likes simulators and likes figuring out problems. Im a 17 year old that had an interest in gun ballistics I did my research and did simple wind and bullet drop formulas. I put them into the game and they worked! It is pretty realistic and now Im trying to understand the different types of scopes. Get this game and just experiment with it and have fun! Enjoy!

Great Simulator!

i love this app! i would recommend this to any hunter! there is nothin wrong with the app right now but i would love to see more calibers, different animals, damage zones (heart, lungs, liver, etc...). i cant wait for an update!

It pretty cool

Its cool to just shoot at the deer and it cool how you can just adjust your sites for the scope and you can choose all of your settings.

Not there yet

Movement of the rifle is dampened too much. It also tracks horizontally with the animal, so you cant let the animal move into a shot easily. why you cant take a shot at a target is beyond me. The the bullet spooks the target, have it scamper away. But go ahead and recock the weapon and let the shooter shoot if the target is still there.


Just ignore the other guy. I really like this app! Works great and is updated frequently with awesome new features! Keep up the good work! Suggestions: vital cam, tells you what organ was hit (more advanced than now, good job with that feature), whitetail deer, coyote, shotguns (i know its kind of a bug step and this is for rifle scope practice, but it could be cool with slugs of course though)


Has potential to be great but needs a couple things to get there. A write up or guide would be a good start. On my iPad the display does not rotate and is 180* offset from what I think of as normal. Ballistics charts for each ammo type would allow for doping calculation instead of trial-by-error adjustments. One other thing, is the reticle mil dot or MOA?

Very nice

This is THE BEST hunting simulator ever. I would like a.243 rifle and a bear. Could have a tree stand and telling you were your bullet hit other than that it is great.Note the animals do not run when you shoot and if it is a lung shot they should run aways before dropping.


Im a real hunter not a bit real. Nothing like hunting standing around generating deer! I bought it for 3 dollars. Do not buy it.

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